GHG Europe Database

GHG-Europe sites

The sites in the table are part of or affiliated to GHG-Europe. In addition to the general characteristics reported in the table it is possible to obtain more information selecting a specific site (click on the site name). It is also possible to use the filters in the table to search for sites with specific characteristics. Sites codes start with the two letters that identify the country for the eddy covariance sites. There are however also sites that measure fluxes only using chambers with a code starting with CMB and ecosystem manipulation experiments with codes starting with EME. Please note that from this page it is not possible to download data. If you are interested to access the measurements please visit the Guidelines - Obtaining data section and follow the instructions

Sites registered in the database

This table report information submitted by the site managers about the general characteristics of the sites. In addition to the site code and name, the ecosystem type and the projects that funded or are funding the site, the measured fluxes and reported and the policies applied. For the sites funded by GHG-Europe the project specific policy is applied while for the affiliated sites the access and use policies are decided by the PIs. Full text of the general policies is available here. To restrict the sites in the table and see their location in the map please use the filters in the table header.

Site CodeNameIGBP CodeNetworkFlux ListAccessData Use