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Spatial data available in the intensive regions

With the aim to provide data-rich case studies and observational evidence of regionally coherent changes in drivers and of ecosystem response six data rich regions have been selected representing a wide range of different soils, land use history, climatic conditions and socio-economic background, as well as differences in trends in land use response to changing policies and markets.

The six regions are reported in the figure below and high resolution spatial data in addition to ecosystem fluxes are available for each area. The data are under collection and will be distributed in standard format here together with detailed metadata.






Variable Description Resolution Period Download
Land use CORINE Land Cover (CLC) - 1990 Get it
Forest inventory data LFI / SFI (Swiss Forest Inventory) Get it


Central Italy


Variable Description Resolution Period Download
Soil Soil texture, carbon, depth and pH 1km   Get it
Meteo SWin, LWin and Surface T (from MSG) and Precipitation. Available directly by FTP, please contact the database for use and questions 5km - hourly 2010-2012 Get it
Land Use CLC2000 Level4 1km - annual 2000 Get it
Land Use Cropland species geo-referenced DB vec - annual 1995-2010 Get it
Land Use Wheat and crimson clover map 50m - annual 2000, 2009 Get it
Management DB of crop management practicies - 1997-2007 Get it
Land Use Change LUC shape and database based on photo-interpretation vec - 4 periods 1954-90-99-2009 Get it
Management Forest harvesting and age maps 50m - annual 2004-2008 Get it
Airborne images Spectral data at high resolution at 7 Eddy sites - Rocca forest, Rocca crop, SRF cluster. More... 0.1-5m - July and August 2011 Ask





Variable Description Resolution Period Download
Soil Organic Carbon Map of organic carbon stocks for the first 30cm for mineral and organic-mineral soil horizons (stocks in kg/m2, projection is LambertII extended). These stocks do not include surface organic horizons. The methodology is strictly the same as in the publication mentioned bellow, except the facts that the land use dataset used for prediction (EcolclimapII) is different and the RMQS dataset used for fitting the models has been completed since the paper has been published. This publication should mentioned when using this SOC stock map. Martin MP, Wattenbach M, Smith P, Meersmans J, Jolivet CC, Boulonne L, Arrouays D. 2011. Soil organic carbon stocks distribution in France. Biogeosciences, 8: 1053-1065. 2.5km 2000 Get it