GHG Europe Database

Welcome to the GHG-Europe database


The GHG-Europe project aims to improve our understanding and capacity for predicting the European terrestrial carbon and greenhouse gas budget.

More than 50 % of the European land surface is used for agricultural and forestry production. Land management directly impacts the terrestrial sources and sinks of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

In the view of climate change it is crucial to know the amount of GHGs released into the atmosphere by anthropogenic activities. But also natural drivers such as climate variability influence the GHG balance of European ecosystems. The attribution of GHG emissions to anthropogenic and natural drivers is the ultimate challenge tackled in the GHG-Europe project and is the precondition to assess the potential for GHG reduction from agriculture and forestry in Europe.

This website is the official GHG-Europe database where all the data acquired in the context of the project are shared and distributed. All the interested people are invited to check what is available, register and download the GHG-Europe data