GHG Europe Database

Site level data

The data acquired by the eddy covariance sites participating in the project are available through the home page of the database, under Data -> Request data. In fact, there are different sites that are involved in more than one project but also sites potentially interesting for the GHG-Europe project that however are not participating even as associated sites. For this reason it has been decided to create an unique data request service for all the projects where users interested can access (or request to access) data from all the sites registered.

In the view of a full standardization at European level of the data processing, data format and data distribution, all the measurements collected at sites registered in the European Fluxes Database Cluster are processed and treated in the same way ensuring full comparability and compatibility between projects.

The access is however regulated by the specific project or site data access policy that can be found in the specific page under Data from the top menu.